I saw a triangle slicing the water fifteen feet away. It was a shark's fin. An awful tingle, cold and liquid, went up and down my spine.

Yann Martel

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Father's Day Network

Father's Day Network

Start/End Date(s)
16 June 2012




43 - 45 High Street

Join us in the Storytelling Bothy for a positive celebration of fatherhood on the day before Father's Day. This is a great opportunity for Dads to enjoy time with their children, tell stories and listen to tales that promote the importance and joys of active fatherhood. There will be interactive storytelling sessions, workshops for Dads on storytelling with and for their children, exhibitions of artwork, plus poems and stories celebrating Dads' involvement with their children. Many dads have difficulties with access to their children and may or may not have access to their children on this day, but it is hoped that they will still feel able to attend to celebrate their fatherhood, perhaps by bringing and displaying artwork by their child, or a poem or verse written about fatherhood, either by the Dad or child. There will also be the opportunity to meet other Dads who have similar challenges and share ideas, whilst support and advice will be on hand for Dads who feel they would benefit from this.

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Free - drop in

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