The motto of Edinburgh, as you might still see it, I think, carved over the old castle gate, is "Sic Itur ad Astra" - "This way to the stars."

G K Chesterton

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The School of Poets

The School of Poets

Start/End Date(s)
08 October 2013




5 Crichton's Close, Edinburgh

Founded in 1981 by Tessa Ransford, The School of Poets meets monthly in the Scottish Poetry Library. To join, come along to the Scottish Poetry Library on any meeting night (normally the second Tuesday of each month except August and December). Each meeting concludes with a read-around in which everyone participates.

For any new/enquiring members, bring 5 or 6 copies of one of your own poems to share with the other members of that evening's group.

There is no need to join immediately - you can come for a 'taster' meeting, and visitors pay £2.00 per meeting . If and when you do decide to become a member, the annual subscription is £10 (£5 conc.)

Ticket at Venue

£2:00 per meeting; annual subscription is £10 (£5 conc.)

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