Discover the City of Literature International Residencies

Keira Brown
Communications Executive
Edinburgh City of Literature Trust

27 March 2024

Discover Writers’ Residencies offered through our UNESCO Cities of Literature network

If you are a writer or literature professional that needs a little steer in terms of where to go to apply for international residency programmes, we’ve created this resource for you.

Scotland is an outward looking nation, especially when it comes to our literature.

The idea of a City of Literature was devised by our founding members, and there are now 53 cities of literature, spanning 39 countries and six continents. From Reykjavik, Prague, and Dublin to Bucheon, Durban and Melbourne, the network is diverse and global.

We’ve worked hard to build this network, which is dedicated to supporting literature and making links between our cities. Through our organisation, the network brings new opportunities to people working in literature in Scotland – professional development, commissions and residencies.

As a UNESCO City of Literature, we see Edinburgh as the gateway to a wider global network of residency, travel and creative writing opportunities. We hope this resource helps anyone interested in the residency programmes across the 53 Cities of Literature or looking to build their knowledge and contacts in.

These residencies run throughout the year at various times and we announce when they are open for applications via our social media channels - do follow us over on Twitter and Facebook for details.

Granada, Scotland

Granada, Writers In Residence Programme - contact: Carmen Casares

Heidelberg, Germany

Artist’s Residence Dilsberg - contact:

Iowa City, United States

International Writing Program at the University of Iowa - contact: International Writing Program, 100 Shambaugh House, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242-2020 USA

Obidos, Portugal

Óbidos Castle of Literature – contact:

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague City of Literature Residency Program

Reykjavik, Iceland

The Writers’ Residence in Gunnarshús – contact:

The Gröndalshouse Residence – contact:

If there is anything else that you would like to add to this resource on City of Literature residencies, contact us on our email. And to find out more about some of the residencies in detail from Edinburgh-based writers, Martin MacInnes wrote about his residency in Wonju, whilst Sonali Misra wrote about her experience in Gothenburg.