Choose to Discover Edinburgh with a Literary Tour

by Keira Brown
Communications Executive, Edinburgh
City of Literature Trust

11 October 2023

Edinburgh's literature and storytelling history is embedded in the heart of the city. Have you considered going on one of the literary tours?

Literature is a significant part of the city’s past and present, and it resides in almost every corner of Edinburgh. It's no surprise that the capital attracts literature lovers that want to explore Edinburgh's literary attractions and landmarks.

Edinburgh's Literary Tours

Black History Walking Tour: Discover Edinburgh’s deep links with Africa and the Caribbean over the past 500 years in this guided walking tour with poet, author and founder of the Edinburgh Caribbean Association, Lisa Williams.

Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour: A literature-themed pub crawl through Edinburgh's Old and New Towns led by a couple of actors who will bring such figures as Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson to vivid life.

Edinburgh Poetry Tours: These walking tours weave in and out of streets, closes, gardens and graveyards, where you’ll hear works by Robert Burns, Dorothy Wordsworth, Victor Hugo, Robert Louis Stevenson and many others.

History Walks and Ghost Tours from Mercat: Mercat will take you deeper into the past than a bus tour or guidebook ever could, and they bring the city’s stories alive in rich, engaging detail, whether you choose a history or ghost tour.

The Edinburgh Book Lovers Tour: A guided walking tour visiting the sites and haunts of Edinburgh's literary legends: Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson.

Women's History Tours: Ruth Boreham hosts four tours across Edinburgh that highlight women of the past, the history and the wonder of the places around them, bringing to life the stories.

There is a great deal to explore in the city, and a tour could be an engaging way of learning more about this City of Literature - if you are aware of or would recommend a tour not on this list do feel free to let us know about it via email.