Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust Board

With thanks to our Founding Trustees

With thanks to all those who have served as Trustee and Company Secretary:


Lloyd Anderson, Julia Armour, Francis Bickmore, Jackie Brock, Colin Browne, Abigail Carney (former Chair), Mary Campbell (former Chair), Sheila Cannell, Rob Conner, Stuart Cosgrove, Sandy Crombie (former Chair), Roy Cross, Karen Cunningham, Tom Devine, Paul Docherty, Ron Grosset, George Grubb, Lesley Hinds, Martin Hinds, Marc Lambert, Martina McChrystal, Liz McGettigan, Ian McKay, James McVeigh, Matthew Perren, Ian Rankin, Frank Ross, Ali Smith, Martyn Wade OBE, Greg Walker, and Donald Wilson.

Company Secretary

Paul McKenna, Caroline Storrie, Liz Lynxwiler and Suzanne Davidson.