Apply to the Author International Travel Fund to take your work overseas

Keira Brown
Communications Executive
Edinburgh City of Literature Trust

30 Oct 2023

Scottish Books International offer Travel Fund to Scottish writers who have been invited overseas to promote their work

About the Programme

Scottish Books International can support writers who have been invited overseas to promote their work. This fund can only support travel costs at this time, with applicants being able to apply for up to £1000.

    The purpose of the fund is to:
  • Increase opportunities for Scottish writers to attend festivals and other promotion or exchange events overseas.
  • Remove barriers for Scottish writers from all backgrounds to take up these opportunities.
  • Develop relationships between Scottish writers and festivals, publishers and organisations overseas.

What Does it Support?

    The types of things that this fund supports include:
  • Invitations to be part of an event as part of a literary festival or at a literature or cultural organisation.
  • Trips for publicity events to support publication of a work.
  • Invitations for writers to present their work as part of trade fairs or conferences.

It should be noted that travel costs can include the cost of visas, where relevant. Priority is currently given to public-facing events that facilitate the promotion of a piece of work by the author. Academic events taking place through institutions of higher education will not be prioritised for funding unless they can provide evidence of promoting literary work to a general audience/readership.

Who Can Apply?

The fund is open to Scottish creative writers who have been invited to attend an international event. Writers must be practising, professional writers with a demonstrable track record of work. International is defined as outwith the United Kingdom. A Scottish writer is defined as a writer living and working in Scotland, or a writer from Scotland but based elsewhere. Applications are welcome from the writer themselves, or from the organisation who have invited the writer. The fund cannot support Scottish writers based elsewhere seeking to return to Scotland or the UK for an event. It also cannot support a trip or event that has already taken place. Applicants cannot apply for this and other Creative Scotland funding streams for the same project. The form to apply should you meet the criteria is here.

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If you have any further questions about the Fund including how to apply and who has previously received the Fund you can click on this link. Alternatively, you can send an enquiry to: