AIR Litteratur Västra Götaland announces literary residency grants

Sian Bevan
Communications & Community Support
Edinburgh City of Literature Trust

12 April 2022

A room of your own and a place to work in the beautiful and inspiring environment of West Sweden – what’s not to like?

The AIR Litteratur Västra Götaland residency programme is working with Gothenburg City of Literature on this round of residencies, and applications from writers in other Cities of Literature are very much encouraged! Joining the network in autumn 2021, Gothenburg is one of our newest Cities of Literature, and it's great to see connections across the literary world already being made.

Applications are open to writers and literary translators for a total of nine residency grants in five locations across the Västra Götaland region. These residencies include a 20,000 SEK stipend, one month’s accommodation and access to a workplace. Where the host organisation is a library, an additional writer’s fee of 7,500 SEK is included for a public appearance which will be organised in consultation with the host.

The programme aims to create time and space for artistic development and cultural exchange. The host organisation will organise accomodation, nominate a point of contact for the resident and introduce them to the local area and literary scene. At the end of the residency, both the resident and the host will submit a brief report, describing their work and any events that were arranged during the period.

In your application, you should specify your first, second and third choices of host. The host organisations are as follows.

  • Kungälv Library offers accommodation in an apartment at Nordiska Folkhögskolan. There is a workplace in the library. October/November (weeks 42-45)
  • Skara Diocese and National Library offers accommodation at Herrtorps Qvarn or in the centre of Skara. There is a workplace in the old library located in the centre of Skara. September (weeks 35-38)
  • Tanum Central Library offers accommodation and a workplace at KKV Bohuslän in Gerlesborg and a workplace in the library. October (weeks 40-43)
  • Världslitteraturhuset/Stadsbiblioteket in Gothenburg offers a workplace at Världslitteraturhuset and accommodation nearby. October (weeks 40-43)
  • Villa Martinson in Jonsered offers accommodation and a workplace in one of the Villa’s five apartments. Month: October (five places available)

Gothenburg City of Literature is home to a number of thriving professional and non-profit literary organisations, literature festivals and the Gothenburg Book Fair, which is the Nordic region’s largest international cultural event.

More information and the application form can be found here. Any questions can be directed to Johanna Lindström. Apply by 25th April 2022.