Scotland's Festival of Storytelling Announces Open Call

Sian Bevan
Communications & Community Support
Edinburgh City of Literature Trust

5 May 2021

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival is an annual celebration of tales from Scotland and beyond, featuring storytellers from around the world each year.

For the first time, the festival has announced an Open Call for ideas, inviting artists and collaborators to help shape this year's programme. Storytellers based in Scotland are asked to consider their response to the festivals' theme of our changing environment and different world.


Imagine something different. Imagine pasts, futures, or a timeless other. Dip into dreams and desires, old and new, lost worlds and worlds still to come


The Scottish International Storytelling Festival will run from the 15-31 October, with applications open until 25 May. For more information, including how to apply, head to the festival's website.